How Solar Cooker came into Existence

In the middle of 1700, a European citizen, namely Horace de Saussure came up with an idea of inventing a small device so as tap the energy of sunlight. In those days, scientists with the help of mirrors were entirely focused on transforming sunlight into heat, whereas Saussure concentrated on the heat-catching potential of glass.

The #working of #Solarcooker

The solar box cooker, which was previously known as the solar cooker, contains five glass boxes one under another one, and is put on a black slab of wood.  After receiving an exposure of sunlight, the temperature within the box reached mere 190 degrees Fahrenheit (88 degrees Celsius). Besides, he made use of the box to bake fruits.

Solar box cooker came into limelight after a series of science experiments in the 18th century, is now a useful tool in satiating the hunger needs of the world’s poorest countries. Environmentally sound replacement for the typical backyard barbecue, solar box is a cool tool.

Due to improper marketing techniques adopted by the United Nations, it could not gain the requisite reputation in the market. With the correct device, the heat energy in the sun’s rays can be tapped to get temperatures so hot they can fry food.

How useful is a solar cooker?

A solar cooker can perform all what a stove or an oven does. The only difference is that it uses a natural nonpolluting, free, excess energy supply. The present article discusses at length viz., as to how the sunlight turns into heat, availability of varied types of cookers, and how they function.

#Solarcooking #method Vs Conventional cooking

Conventional cooking methods use up valuable natural resources and deplete foods of their nutritional value while cooking with the sun’s energy is

Conventional cooking methods like ovens and stoves consume precious natural resources and eat up foods of their nutritional value, whereas cooking the food using the sun light will ensure retaining nutritious value of food.

Sunlight is mere light waves or radiation. Basically, energy produced by varying magnetic and electric fields.

Your skin experiences warmth due to light waves touching the molecules in your skin. This interaction is akin to the idea that makes one type of solar cooker, the box cooker, create high temperatures out of sunlight.

Solar cookers are cost-friendly and simple to acquire; All one requires are – cardboard, foil and a pot.


Across the world, lakhs of people face restricted access to cooking fuels. In a majority of instances, electricity and gas out of the reach of poor people. Charcoal and firewood are exception to this problem. However, charcoal is quite costly. As such, we are all forced to rely on wood. In scores of poor, rural habitations in African and Indian continent, trees are rare to find.

It requires wood to cook meals for an entire family daily and there continue to be shortage of wood sources. Families need to walk for long distances to procure cooking wood and they are left with spending what little money they have on their fuel, leaving less cash to acquire food. Resultantly, there will not only be hunger but diseases too.