Ahmedabad: Above 5,760 students from 30 different schools, who took part in a solar cooking program on Tuesday last, made a merry.

In addition to enjoying the taste of noodles, they enjoyed cooking too during the part of program. They were taken for a surprise as how sun’s rays could be made use of while preparing meals. They were baffled to note that the whole process has little adverse impact on the environment.

Sujal Mehta, one of participating students, was happy to note that solar cooking would prove to remain as the only option once all the other forms of energy are worn out.  Although cooking through solar cooker consumes extra time than anticipated, still it will bring a lot of fun, said Sujal.

The program, named Suryakumbh, was run under the aegis of the Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture (CMIA) at MIT college grounds. The whole show was conducted with the sole objective of entering the Guinness Book of World Records.

Renuka Depande, one of the judges appointed by the Guinness Book of World Records expressed satisfaction with the preparatory work done by the organizers, and said that the program would find a place in the record book since the organizers have met all the norms lay down by the Guinness committee, including three witnesses watching the event. Elaborating the details of the event, she said that each student was given a solar cooking unit at reduced rates with noodles, vegetables and cooking period of ½ hr.

Gathering a group of 6,000 children to generate their own solar oven at a particular place is a rare achievement, said another judge Rasika Deshmukh, a dietician. She, however, said that the children could have been made to prepare some Indian delicacy.

Haribhauji Bagade, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Chief said, “With increasing need for both electricity and water, it is essential that we make use of sun rays to produce energy. This would not only cut down our reliance on electricity but also help reduce pollution,” he said.

The previous record was made in 2013 at Jalna in Maharasthtra, where 2,200 students participated in a solar cooking session, while in 2014 nearly 3,484 children from over 80 schools took part in the largest solar cooking program in Mumbai, which had earned an entry to the Guinnes Boook of World records. “The initiative aimed at instilling the values of simplicity, knowledge by doing and tricky assumptions into the young minds who will create a Greener tomorrow,” said CMIA chief Ashish Garde.

CMIA made available solar oven to the students at a cheap cost of Rs.350 per oven against Rs.800 expenses made against per student for the event. Apart from this CMIA has also arranged for a sponsorship amount of 1,500 for poor students from selected municipal and Zilla Parishad schools, said CMIA ex-chief Sunil Raithatha.